Discretionary Mandates

Discretionary Mandate

Our Discretionary Mandate Portfolio solution offers a tailor-made investment portfolio structured to your requirements.

Discretionary mandate portfolios are:

  • Structured to meet your investment objective and risk profile.
  • Professionally managed by our experienced fund managers.
  • Customisable to your reporting needs, with a wealth of analytics available for your portfolio.

To enquire about your own tailor-made solution, please email us at [email protected]  

Our discretionary offerings include:

Portfolio Information
Investment Objective The investment objective for fixed income portfolios is aimed to achieve higher returns compared to Islamic fixed deposits over a medium to long-term period, while providing stability in capital value by investing mainly in shariah-compliant fixed income securities.
Investment Scope Includes all Shariah-compliant fixed income instruments, including government securities, commercial papers and corporate bonds.
Investors’ Profile Best suited for investors:

  • Who have medium to long term investment horizon.
  • Who are seeking higher returns than Islamic fixed deposits but are averse to risks associated with equity investment.
  • Who seek to participate in the wholesale fixed income market by taking incremental risk to bank deposits.
Proposed Minimum Investment Period 2 years
Benchmark 12-Month Islamic Fixed Deposit
Minimum Initial Investment RM5,000,000